Bear in mind: Only a deep awareness that we are all One in Love will avert further tragedy, bring lasting peace!

Let us open our hearts, let compassion flow generously for Katrina's victims: We are One in LOVE!

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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
    Teddy Roosevelt

Humphrey Bogart Bear

Teddy Bear of the Month:  Humphrey Bogart 

December 25, 1899 - January 14, 1957
Dressed in his evening jacket from the legendary film Casablanca, a sophisticated Humphrey Bogart is ready to take on the troubles of the world.  This exquisite teddy bear was  developed by Cooperstown Bears in honor of the actor's 100th birthday in 1999.  He features soft gray mohair fur, suede paws and soulful, glass eyes.  Humphrey is 16 inches tall and is one of a limited edition of 750.

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 A Special Message from Bear Hollow:

May Peace
flow through our spirits, 
energize our minds, 
and radiate from our hearts
as our memories of 09/11/01
invade our time and space...
Thus, we can be serene together,
we can be LOVE as we share  sorrow!
God Bless  Amflag gifrica! 

God Bless our service men and women who sacrifice their lives for peace!

Tyler by Steve Schutte

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